Monday, October 19, 2009

Strathcona - Good and Bad

 Above we have the Strathcona Heartbreaker himself , Teddy Sturzzzz..... just sturzin' out a boarslide on the bumpy raily. What a guy ! After he lands that he should hit up the little quart- ... oh damn, I forgot.....

  .... unless you live in a cave you know the talk of the town in September was the new lil' blue quarterpipe in the Strathcona skatepark... D.I.Y. styles by an, ahem, anonymous mason. Well, the city of Vancouver figured we were having too much fun and ripped that little sucker right out of the ground and left a patch that fittingly resembles a grave. They even destroyed the original mini wave curb..... those heartless bastards. 

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Erryday we be chillun' up in dis park !

  As the man of the hour, Pud Batterson continues to loc out Strath with his trusty VX1000 in hand, the Strathletes throw down the moves that make all the hipster ladies still not care at all