Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Off the Record # 2 - Bass Melter

 When I was a kid, the 1st album I can remember choosing on my own, out of my parent's limited record collection, was Booker T & The M.G's .... one of the albums with "Green Onions" on it. I loved it. Years later, I heard "Hip Hug Her" as the soundtrack behind a classic Jeremy Wray video part... and then a couple years after that, in 93' I heard a song in a 411 video during the Zoo York industry section that HAD to be the same band. Turns out it was, and the song "Melting Pot" is the focus of this OTR pick. I picked up the record at Twist & Shout Records in Tucson, AZ for something like $7.... sadly, that store closed last year. Tucson's a tough one....

  Melting Pot is carried by a rolling bass line, and it was begging to be used as a soundtrack to something. Throw in early footage of Zoo York's humble beginnings ( not to mention a heavy cameo by Bobbito ) with some raw New York skating, and you have a classic clip that's fairly interesting to take another look at after all these years. ....and if Melting Pot sounds familiar to anyone, it may be due to it's use as the key sample/loop in Big Daddy Kane's "Another Victory", from his classic 1989 album "It's a Big Daddy Thing". You will have this bass line stuck in your head after listening - DTZ.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MagPile - Strange Hero

97' ad of Julien hopping up on one hell of a sketchy ledge. I remember ending up at that hubba on the hill once, couldn't believe it. Tall, outward curving, peaked surface.... with a kink.... on a downhill into a busy park. Cool park though. San Fran is tops.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Off the Record #1 - Jersey boys

 Off the Record is a re-occurring feature I'll be doing from now on that showcases some of my favorite albums in my ever-growing vinyl collection. The focus will be placed mostly on golden era hip hop and the soul/funk/jazz music that was sampled to create it's classics. If you like what you see/hear, then you should check out Endless Summer at The Waldorf on Saturday nights.... my sets are always full of this stuff.... enjoy !

 Inaugural post honors go to Newark, New Jersey's own Artifacts... specifically the "Wrong side of the tracks" single from 1994. Pretty sure I heard this in a skateboard video 1st, probably an old 411. Backed with "C'mon wit the git down", it was well worth the 4 dollars. Now I just need to find that 9th Creation track, Bubble gum, that it samples... and a crowd that will actually know the song.

  ....did this post for my good friends in Newark... see ya soon boys !