Wednesday, October 12, 2011

AAAYYY, WHOA.. I'M BLOGGIN' HERE !! ( New York 2011 in photos )

I'm keeping it simple this time around.... just photos from my trip to New York in late September 2011. I met up with a couple groups of friends, skated, bought records and waited out rain storms. It was my 1st time in the Big Apple and the trusty G9 captured some random stuff. Enjoy.

Above : A record from the 1800's that was laying around Dan V and Drew's place.
Below : Drew Hairymore

Above: Dan V texting and c'mon.

Above and below : Pretty dope ledge spot right on the main drag in sketchy Newark.
Dan V BUTR Bro !
Above and below : Drew's slashings in the deep end of this random Jersey skatepark were like, soooooo cute !
Above and below : We hit up a sick DIY spot in Jersey City that the boys had some part in creating.... fun as hell. I ate shit on the 1st attempt of that bluntslide.
Above : Willy Akers on deck !
Above : This is Scraggles. We had a few issues....
Below : Brooklyn Bridge on film. Thanks Pete Miles.
Above : Gianni's Pizza in Bed Stuy made this gem.
Below : Crown Fried Chicken, around the corner from my friend Nick's place in Brooklyn, has this posted in the window. It's right next to the Marcy Projects where Jay-Z grew up.
Above and below : The solid homie Jon Sturge came through for a few days to visit and get some skating in. He got a clip at this classic Queens spot while the DTZ did not.
Above : Drew floating in a bowl that he built.
Below : Willy doing a Texas Plant at the Chelsea Piers Skatepark in Manhattan.
Above : I was wandering around Manhattan on a misty day and found this bench on the waterfront, among many other great spots. Had to use the timer for a self portrait.
I had a great time on my 2 week vacation in New York.... can't wait to go back ! Hopefully I won't get rained out as much ( over half this trip was plagued by rain storms ), but even so, there's a million things to do in NYC even if there's a blizzard. Thanks to Nick, Andrew and Dan V for being such great hosts... see you in Arizona brothers !