Friday, June 21, 2013

Park Report: Do you hear something ?

Well this looks promising....

  The scene went from photo #1 to photo #2 while I took my 1st run on that lil' mini... it's been consumed by the skate masses now.

Park Report: The Lost Report

  Happy Go Skateboarding Day ! Couldn't keep this shot from a couple years ago hidden forever... Rick McCrank glides a solitary switch crook on a late winter morning. Rick rules.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Off the Record #12 - Lively 5

 Some Detroit rock royalty right here..... forefathers of punk who were best experienced live. Back In The USA is the second album by the MC5, and their first studio release (Kick Out The Jams being a live recording), which seemed to rob the guys of that intense energy and loudness felt on Kick Out The Jams. Even still, it's a great album that features some of their most classic material, including the iconic and simple "Looking at You". 

  I found this O.G. copy of Back In The USA at 2nd Avenue Records in Portland, on my way back to Canada from 6 weeks in the desert. For $20- bucks, it was a great deal. The album sounds loud and full, unlike some recent reissues I've listened to. Crank it up and jump on the furniture ! 

  This clip from an old variety show features the guys miming to the studio version of "Looking at You" from Back In The USA. Aside from Wayne and Fred's hilarious moves, the announcement at the end about Anne Murray from Nova Scotia being next up is also humorous in contrast to the wailing guitars of the MC5. My mom went to University with Anne Murray. Here's looking at you. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ironbound & Down

Just a few shots from my visit to Newark in 2011....  rap party and street life. Interesting city to say the least...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Bonus Flick.

 Bud kickflipped this can for the Gnartang's next epic video production before I could even grab my own soul thieving machine.... so I made him do it again. Thanks Kreepy Face Killah !

Jump on the Nerd Wagon.

  After seeing various posts online over the last year related to vintage skate sticker collections, I figured I'd take a look in the ol' shoe box to see what gems lurked in the chaotic pile. I didn't even make it halfway through before I gave up.... ain't nobody got ti...... well,  you know. Luckily, this old Chocolate set was near the top..... they always had great art for their series. Stay tuned for whenever I get the patience to take another dive into the sticker abyss...