Friday, January 31, 2014

2 for 1 in the Sun


  Just about done uploading all the photos from my month long trip to Arizona..... I ended up with 2 different photos I really like that were shot from the same angle, so I'm giving Andrew Mclaughlin a moment in the sun as a preview of the imagery to come. Crail, Phoenix. 

  Drew, Dan V, and their friend Kevin make an appearance in this clip with Fred Gall, skating their local Newark DIY spot. Crusty !

Monday, January 27, 2014



 Breaking News ! - Giant Platinum Pyramid discovered by photographer when reviewing totally sweet landscape pictures from his last road trip. 

  Aspiring mist photographer and pyramid enthusiast Adam Cassidy never thought he would look back through his mundane vacation photos and make the find of a lifetime... one that would shatter his whole  perception of what's real and what isn't really real that much. 

  "I was back at home, reviewing the photos on my camera from my road trip to Arizona and California in January, and something in one of the shots caught my eye.... it looked like a pyramid rising out of the mist !"  said Cassidy.

   "Around the border of Oregon and California, coming out of the mountains, there's a nice spot to pull off the road and take a leak.... or like, look at stuff too. So... I take a few photos and hit the road again cause' it's early and cold. I had lots of driving ahead of me."

  "I've seen all those cool news stories about the Giant Pyramids they keep finding around the world.... I guess it's just like, the right time or something. They're coming out of the ground now because the government is really blowing it and we all have to start talking to the aliens that built these pyramids so we can understand how to keep from getting radiation cancer and stuff like that."

  Cassidy's next revelation about the pyramid is even more intriguing....

  "After further inspection of the photos I was able to determine that the surface of this pyramid is clearly a thick layer of polished Stallion's Mane Platinum, most likely as thick as 100 feet on each side. At the current time it's covered in about 86 billion years (estimate) of moss and various vegetation, but it's inner-platinum energy is projected into the sky around the pyramid, clearly visible in the photos."

  Asked if he planned to investigate the pyramid, Cassidy offered...

  "I dunno. You know ? It's all the way down there in California.... I'm up here. The logistics alone are a massive hurdle in tackling this thing. I'm kinda bummed it wasn't underwater. Those ones get more attention in the news... I coulda' made some real loot if it was underwater. At least it's platinum. That's obvious, I think."

  Will the world soon be overrun with giant pyramids ? This reporter in inclined to say whatever.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Coming soon.... Southwestern Hospitality

Jesse Dent, Frontside Air, Tucson. 

Off the Record #15 - Finally Funkee

  When the search pays off in record hunting, it's a great feeling. After looking for this album on vinyl in every music store I ever went in, my local go-to shop, Beatstreet, had a crispy new double 180 gram nugget waiting for me when I returned from Arizona. 

  I remember buying "I wish my brother George was here", the 1991 debut album from Del tha Funkee Homosapien, at the shopping mall music store in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. . It was one of very few cool  albums (tapes) you could actually get in one of those top 40 centric mall shops. "Mistadobalina" was a minor hit single that somehow made it to our ears a world away from Oakland California, and was my first introduction to Del/Hieroglyphics. The production on the album (Ice Cube, Boogiemen) was amazing and built on a fat stack of P-Funk and Soul samples. There was lots of mild humor in the lyrics as a contrast to the large amount of Gansta   Rap prevalent during that era. To top it off, not long after the album came out, one of skateboarding's most influential and classic videos premiered featuring songs from the album (and b-sides to singles from the album)... Plan B's "Questionable", in 1992. Check out Sal Barbier filming half of his part in the parking lot next to Hamel's in Mission Beach, San Diego.... skating to Ahonetwo

  After this album came out, more music from the Hieroglyphics crew started popping up in skate videos throughout the 90's, solidifying their influence in skate history seemingly thanks to Mike Carroll. It's hard for me to pick one track off "I wish my brother George was here" as a favorite, so I'll just leave you with the P-Funk soaked intro to the album, What is a Booty.... Funk Em' !


Park Report: Brony Montana

Bro ! You need anything bro ? You party ?