Sunday, February 2, 2014

Southwestern Hospitality - Arizona Snowbirdin' 2014



  Arizona again. The northwest will be wet for the better part of 8 months. Getting a good dose of sun in the middle of all that is something special. Jersey Drew and a jeep full of fellow east coasters are on their way to the desert, Tecate sales skyrocket in Tucson and Phoenix over a 10 day period that follows. I personally put a noticeable spike on the Popeye's Chicken sales chart for the whole southwest in the month of January. BBQ sauce......

  I took some polaroid photos on the Hasselblad but gave them all away. Reverse souvenirs. Didn't give away any memory cards though, so enjoy some of the more aesthetically pleasing moments from the trip below.  

Made it to the desert in time for the holidays.

 Jesse Dent, the rippingest host, Tucson.

Oro Valley at sunset with Tula.

  The blogspot site keeps messing with the saturation levels on images, and it takes a lot of trial and error to get them corrected. Aaron makes up for that in advance by easily floating into trees with a frontside nosebone. 

  Dusty frontside bluntslide fakie with a view of the Catalinas by yours truly.

  Nick Ricker nosebluntslides at the Rosemont banks in Tucson. 


Phil Jackson, lien tail, Tucson.

  Jesse decks one of the nicest looking rock n' rolls I've ever seen on the most recent addition to the yard.

Family home sold mid January, so long to this backyard.... onward to Phoenix.

Drew, classic slash, Phoenix.

JT's last day in town, backside smith. 

Sun sets on the man with no flashes at Phoenix's big brother to Rosemont banks, Cactus ditch. Drew tailslides upstream on a lip that's seen buttery-er days.

  One last night of backyard campfire jams in Tempe before hitting the road for home by way of California. Always bring a guitar. 

 Mission Beach, San Diego. 

Buster, Oceanside.

Morning skate talk with Anthony in Oakland. Hardflip ponderings...
 [o] Patricia Kavanaugh.

World famous dog model Bear was there working on his latest look.

Went to the horse races for the first time, in Berkeley. Dollar beers on Sunday.... bye bye money.

[o] Poots Kidyanot

[o] P-town Kavendish

  Oakland was a quick stop due to an unexpected cold kicking my ass, so after 2 days in town I hit the road for Vancouver. 

  Big thanks to my family, Jesse Dent, Suski, Brad Westcott, Jersey Drew and his east coast crew, Cori and Alex, Patricia and Anthony, and everyone else who made this an awesome trip. 

  Whenever I look back on my 2014 winter vacation to the southwest, I'll remember one thing the most....