Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AC Photos @ The Circle !!

  I had some photos at the Circle's " Shoot Film , Not Heroin " show on March 20th , and the turnout was great ! 

  Peter Miles and myself enjoying our beards.
 Crowd lovin' it !

AC misses AZ

...just a little clip of  Adam enjoying the Arizona
 sun in an amazing Phoenix ditch. See more clips from
 this epic spot in the upcoming Red Telephone Promo.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Collage Party @ Red Telephone !!!

  On Saturday , March 28th , Alex Stursberg and myself hosted a collage party here in Strathcona. Lot's of good friends came out to add their own personal touches to the evening's creations , and a great time was had by all. The photo above is my own contribution. Judi Tedlie and Anna McClellan served up the snacks , including homemade strawberry shortcake and a large variety of potato chip goodness.  Thanks to everyone who showed up , go to Teddy's blog to see all the photos !

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jeetster Flys the Coop !

  ...my good pal Jon Sturge is leaving for Australia tomorrow , so I sent him off with a new pair of custom Red Tel "Vincent" cords. I barely had time to finish them before he left , so please excuse the random threads etc... in the photos. That's Jon on the right holding down an alley creep before the Strange Brew premiere in Vancouver...... and our good friend Bud Patterson is muggin' right along with him. The premiere was delayed that nite , which resulted in the 3 of us making multiple runs to the beer store for pre-show refreshments ...... consumed in a classy alleyway of our choice. We're gonna miss ol'  Jonjeet here at Red Telephone ..... he was the principle filmer for the soon -to-be-released Red Tel promo video. Good luck in OZ my man , find some witchity grubs and don't import any chaz-wuzzers ! ..............ac.

We're Like , Popular ?

  ...Red Telephone , and our proud associate Seeing Eye Records have just been featured on www.push.ca , both brands being the products of Adam Cassidy and Alex Stursberg , respectively. Alex's art is amazing , and this is one of the public's 1st glimpses into his world of quirky creativity. Big ups go out to Brian Caissie and Frank Daniello for their support and great work on the article. We runna dem tings , Nah ?

Friday, March 13, 2009

1992 Fashion Flashback !

  ....just look at those things ! It's hard to believe super baggy jeans were the standard for a couple years in the early nineties..... they seem sooooo ridiculous now. The pair in the photo was my own pair , from by own brand - Droopies. Ha ha..... I know. But I sold a good deal of clothing because of that trend , as short lived as it may have been. From 92' till 95' I made jeans , cords , twills , shorts , tees , jackets , snowboard pants , hats , wallets and a few other random things... mostly under the Droopies name. From about 97' till 2005 I was on a hiatus from clothing design until I decided to start sewing again while on a trip to Nova Scotia , and The Red Telephone Design Company was born. Big Pants- Small Wheels for sure ! ....ahhhh , the good ol' days.     - ac.