Monday, April 28, 2014


Bud Patterson, Vancouver. [o] ACphoto

Monday, April 7, 2014


  April 7th, 2014, Vancouver BC - Photojournalist and Dancequatch tracker/enthusiast Josh Mitcham claims to be in possession of the most recent, and best ever images of a live Dancequatch... taken mere hours ago in broad daylight. He captured 3 images which he has agreed to share with The Red Telephone today, in hopes that worldwide doubt of the creature's existence will fade, and people will stop making fun of him at the grocery store. 

  "I'm pretty sure it was a female, and she was worked up about something.... dancin' all over that Gazebo like nobody's business..", claimed Josh, adding "... these photos are clear as day, that's a Dancequatch. People need to stop lying to themselves, saying Dancequatches aren't a real thing. Maybe we can all learn something from the Dancequatches if we begin to accept them.".

  Mitcham plans to form the first ever Dancequatch Information and Search Crew Organization, or DISCO, focusing on the safe capture and study of a creature that many people claim is nothing more than a hot chick who knows it. "She'll be back....  I put out some neon wrist scrunchies and an ergonomic water bottle to try and lure her back... we'll see." said Mitcham, showing a confidence that we at Red Tel can only describe as... somewhat creepy.

  Does the Dancequatch exist ? Is this a hot chick ? You be the judge....