Monday, July 13, 2015


Matt Day / Switch Nosegrind / Oceanside / 2015 / [o] AcPhoto

  Over the next bit I'll be posting a few personal favorite photos taken during the haphazard and unknowing creation of the modern day disasterpiece, G9 Summit. Might even bop out some crusty G-sides clips in the near future, so if you didn't make it in the full video... well, you're probably not gonna be in this extra junk either, but there will be slightly worse clips of some of the other dudes in it whom you may or may not know. How's that for a teaser ? G9 keeps it real. G9 is your friend.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Red Telephone presents G9 SUMMIT Full Video

  In this age of instagram clips and the 15 second attention span, a camera that can be pulled from your pocket and recording at a moment's notice reigns supreme. Iphones upload a memory as it happens, and then that memory fades once the next ultra-slow-mo'd NBD magically appears, forever buried in a seemingly endless haystack of digital confusion. Anticipation has become unfashionable.

  Enter the G9 SUMMIT. Filmed entirely on a Canon G9 Powershot between 2009-2015, The G9 SUMMIT follows Red-Tel mastermind DTZ through almost 6 years worth of traveling and good times with friends. Fun is the focus..... Hammers ? Hardly.

  So grab a big bag and kick back, cause' she's 25 minutes long....  this one's for the homies !

Jesse Dent, Tucson home base.  [o] AcPhoto