Monday, October 26, 2015

Red Telephone Presents - Stuck In The Past Part Two / Shane O & Gerry

  Part 2 of Stuck In The Past shines a spotlight on two Downtown Vancouver OG's (both via Kamloops BC) who were undeterred by the massive skate-proofing wave of the mid-to-late 1990's and instead chose to "keep it real" by practically living at the Eatons Plaza, while simultaneously scouring every last inch of the city for new spots. Shane O'Flynn and Gerry Loughran bringin' the nitty gritty in this one... Tribe Vibes and INC on the mix. Check it.

Video and edit by Adam Cassidy.

Part 3 coming early November....

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Red Telephone Presents - Stuck In The Past Part One / You Pipe ?

  Red Telephone is proud to present part one of Stuck In The Past, "You Pipe ?", a dedication to the "U"s we love to use. A collection of Hi8 footage filmed between 1997 - 1999 at various indoor halfpipes around BC (plus a quick clip of Jesse Watson skating one of the earlier incarnations of the Homegrown Skateboards ramp in Lahave, Nova Scotia), featuring Jeff Logan, Alex Chalmers, Barry Walsh, Dave Priest and many more transitional astronauts of the nineties. 

 Video and Edit by Adam Cassidy.

 Stay tuned for part two......

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Red Telephone presents: G-SIDES

 As promised, more crust from the lurkers you trust. A bonus dip into the stockpile of clips from which the G9 SUMMIT was born... G-SIDES. Quick and easy, featuring (in order of appearance) Aaron Suski, Jesse Dent, Mark Ennis, Adam Cassidy, AZ Chris, Nick Tyrrell, Chris Livingston, Brad Westcott, Brad's room mate Brett, Billy Davenport, a kid doing a pretty hefty airwalk, AC again, Lindsey Robertson, Matt Day, Hunter Mannering, George Faulkner, Chris Haslam, Justin lynch and Bud Patterson. Simply Sauced. Enjoy.

Bud, Backside Tailslide Shuv, Burnaby, 2012.