Sunday, October 11, 2015

Red Telephone presents: G-SIDES

 As promised, more crust from the lurkers you trust. A bonus dip into the stockpile of clips from which the G9 SUMMIT was born... G-SIDES. Quick and easy, featuring (in order of appearance) Aaron Suski, Jesse Dent, Mark Ennis, Adam Cassidy, AZ Chris, Nick Tyrrell, Chris Livingston, Brad Westcott, Brad's room mate Brett, Billy Davenport, a kid doing a pretty hefty airwalk, AC again, Lindsey Robertson, Matt Day, Hunter Mannering, George Faulkner, Chris Haslam, Justin lynch and Bud Patterson. Simply Sauced. Enjoy.

Bud, Backside Tailslide Shuv, Burnaby, 2012. 


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