Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Still Jammin'

 Earlier in the summer I had a chance to witness and track the rare Demoskoff Ben-jammin in it's natural habitat, carefully keeping my distance as it jammed onto and off-of everything in it's path. A sighting of this duration hasn't occurred since the turn of the millennium, when the Demoskoff mysteriously took flight from it's urban enclosures and ventured for parts unknown. 

  Enjoy these few images of a real live Demoskoff.... and who knows ? Maybe, if you lurk in the right spots,  you may catch a glimpse of it's mystical maneuvers...... and click on those photos to enlarge em' fools ! It's Benny D !!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Off The Record #14 - Behind the Wall of Glitches

Among some of the more intriguing records in my collection is this 2002 Black Sabbath Past Lives reissue, put out by Earmark on 2 - 180 gram LPs. Seeing as Sabbath is playing in Vancouver tonight, I figured this little story would be fitting. 

 What's curious about this album is a strange anomaly that occurs just after the drum break in "Behind the Wall of Sleep".... the album skips, but it's not a physical imperfection in the grooves causing the skip - it's a digital glitch recorded directly onto the album when it was pressed. That can only mean the album was recorded from a CD master... HA ! The album hype says it's remastered and enhanced... too bad the dudes at Earmark were out back having a "safety meeting" when the CD started to skip. I wonder how many copies made it out like this ?

  It's kind of cool to have this weird rarity. I took the time to record the song (well, just the last bit with the glitches... and I could have done a better job. Sorry, rushed it) directly from my vinyl copy so you can hear for yourself.... enjoy !

 I'd feel bad if I didn't at least do the guys justice by putting up a non-glitched version of "Behind the Wall of Sleep".... let's go with the original album version...

 On a positive note - the album was a deluxe double gatefold with a sick photo of 250,000 people crammed together on the Ontario Motor Speedway in Califonia to see Sabbath during the 1974 "California Jam" concert. It's hanging up in my hallway. 

 Good luck tonight Ozzy ! Don't forget to cook your bacon ! (guess the reference, win nothing)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Park Report: Foreshadowing

 Sonny, back in my day we used to grind those curbs with no paint on em', uphill !

Vanity Insanity

Self portrait Saturdays using the timer..... 21 beeps..... this one wasn't easy. East Vancouver.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Off the Record #13 - Wild Flowers

 Addicted to Fuzz ? Try this screamer...... so surfy. This is one of the albums I bought early in the Psych Rock stage of my record digging pursuits. Pebbles ain't quite Nuggets, but there's always a few good tracks on their comps. "Love", by The Live Wires - whoever they were - is a standout on this vinyl version of volume 7 in the series. 

 Trip out man ! Gotta put the psychedelic ear parade on outer spaced emerald green clear vinyl for the love children of the sun.... or whatever. Looks cool. See ya on the flip side....