Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Correspondence: New Year - New Spots

  Keeping it simple this time - Enjoy these images from the first couple weeks of 2015 in San Diego.... shout out to Ed for the Hydrant bucket list session.


Ed Devera, 180, Vista.  [o] Cassidy

Amerikan Bear, The Hideout, San Diego.   [o] Cassidy

Matt Day, Noseblunt, Carlsbad.  [o] Cassidy

Adam Cassidy, Smith, Carlsbad.  [o] Day

Friendly neighborhood sunbather, Oceanside.  [o] Cassidy

Little joker with some big paws to grow into. Brutus, Oceanside.     [o] Cassidy

Steve Caballero, 5-0, Encinitas.  [o] Cassidy