Tuesday, September 1, 2015


 In the early 90's my friend Amos randomly got his hands on the rental video camera from his stepfather's shop, a risky loan considering it would be used by teenagers to film their unpolished skateboard skills. I don't actually recall anything in particular that we captured on tape during those rare occasions there was a camera present, but Amos seems sure those tapes have long since bitten the dust... maybe for the better since it was the massive purple jeans era.

 It wasn't until the winter of 96'/97' that I finally got a video camera of my own, a Hi8 Canon (model?), and started bringing it along on the majority of skate sessions. Although I regret it looking back, I wasn't much of an incidental footage filmer - I was too busy skating to stop and get behind a camera for anything other than helping a friend get a clip. Nevertheless, over time I seemed to become known as a filmer, like it or not. It ended up providing me with countless opportunities, and a few shoeboxes full of golden memories.

 STUCK IN THE PAST is a new micro-series that takes a heavily vignetted look back at the late 90's skateboard scene in Vancouver, as seen through the lens of that Canon Hi8. Classic clips, underground OG's, Slam City Jam, and a few surprises.... it was the whateverest of times.

                                                                                               - Adam Cassidy