Friday, November 13, 2015

Red Telephone Presents - Stuck In The Past Part Three / Selector's Cut

 Vancouver has an awesome skateboard community that often feels like a big extended family, and the locals have always welcomed newcomers with open arms (and beers). The 90's saw some of the earliest waves of skate-migration to the "California of Canada" as skaters from all over the country sought out milder winters and spots they had seen in magazines and videos, many of them transplanted from the east coast. 

 Part three of Stuck In The Past is a special Selector's Cut montage featuring clips of some of my favorite Vancouver natives ripping alongside a solid grip of Maritime marauders, capped off with a collection of my own footage filmed between 1997 - 1998 (99' claimed an ankle). A huge thanks goes out to all those who returned the favor and took on camera duties for my benefit - it's not easy staying behind the lens when your friends are getting you hyped to skate. 

 Enjoy the flashback, and stay tuned for part 4 coming late November !     - Adam Cassidy  

Video & Edit by Adam Cassidy. Forced centered text glitch by blogspot. 


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